We welcome volunteers from all walks of life who live in Sheffield or the surrounding area.  Our volunteers help vulnerable people develop and adapt to life in Sheffield.  Over the years we have particularly welcomed student volunteers from the two Universities.  Get in touch if you have questions or want to know more.

Ralph Hancock (former Chair):

“When I tell people about the Conversation Club, they say ‘What a brilliant idea’. The idea became reality and is successful because, I believe, the Club operates like a close family. The warm welcome, the practical help with English, the opportunity to make friends and share experience and the cultural exchange give the Club a ‘buzz’, which keeps members and volunteers coming back.”

Mohammed (Club Member from Afghanistan):

“Conversation Club is a good place for people to improve their English.  It is also a good place for overseas people to make friends. I had a fantastic chance here, in this club, to build my confidence and not only improve my spoken English, but my written English, and make a lot of English and non-English friends”

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